Top 3 Toughest Courses in the Philippines

Conquer the Challenge: Top 3 Toughest Courses in the Philippines

If you’re thinking about tackling college in the Philippines? Buckle up!  While the journey is rewarding, some courses are notorious for pushing students to their limits.  These aren’t just your average lectures and exams – they’re marathons of knowledge, requiring dedication, resilience, and maybe even a few all-nighters.  Today, we’ll delve into the top 3 toughest course you might encounter in Philippine universities.  Get ready to discover which programs will truly test your academic mettle!

Here’s a rundown of the top 3 toughest courses in the Philippines:

1. Medicine: This course consistently tops the list -toughest-course in the Philippines due to its demanding curriculum, extensive training, and pressure-filled licensing exams.

Medical students spend years buried in textbooks absorbing a vast amount of scientific knowledge, from anatomy and physiology to pharmacology and pathology as it considered to be one of the toughest courses.

Imagine the dedication required to spend countless hours dissecting specimens, memorizing drug interactions, and mastering complex medical procedures.

Medicine: This course consistently tops toughest the list due to its demanding curriculum, extensive training, and pressure-filled licensing exams.

  • Medical students spend years buried in textbooks absorbing a vast amount of scientific knowledge, from anatomy and physiology to pharmacology and pathology.
  • Imagine the dedication required to spend countless hours dissecting specimens, memorizing drug interactions, and mastering complex medical procedures.
  • On top of that, medical interns endure grueling hospital rotations where they put their knowledge to practice under the watchful eyes of seasoned doctors.
top 3 toughest courses

2. Engineering: This umbrella term covers various specializations, all requiring a strong foundation in math, physics, and chemistry so it considered as top 3 toughest course in the Philippines.

Engineering programs are notorious for their rigorous coursework, which often includes challenging laboratory experiments, design projects that push the boundaries of creativity, and complex problem-solving exercises that test your analytical skills to the limit.

Engineering students must be adept at applying scientific theories and mathematical formulas to solve real-world problems, be it designing earthquake-resistant buildings, developing efficient power systems, or creating innovative gadgets.

top 3 toughest courses

3. Law: Law school is renowned for its intense workload and pressure-cooker environment and belongs tong top 3 toughest course in the Philippines.

Law students are expected to meticulously analyze vast amounts of legal materials like statutes, court cases, and legal treatises, developing the stamina to read through dense legalese for hours on end.

Developing strong writing and communication skills is paramount as law graduates will be crafting legal briefs, arguing cases in court, and navigating the intricacies of the legal system.

Toughest courses in the Philippines

Here are the things you can do after you finish your college years!

1. Pursue a Job

Graduate looking for a job.

This is a common path many graduates take. Leverage the knowledge and skills you gained in your studies to land a job in your field.  Polish your resume, practice your interview skills, and network with professionals in your industry.

2. Go on a Gap Year

Take a break from the academic grind and explore the world!  Travel to new destinations, volunteer for a cause you care about, or learn a new skill.  A gap year can be a great way to discover your passions and recharge before diving into the working world.

If you’re hungry for more knowledge, consider pursuing a graduate degree. This could be a master’s program, a doctorate, or even a professional degree like law or medicine.

4. Start Your Own Business

Do you have a great business idea? Now might be the perfect time to turn it into reality.  Write a business plan, secure funding, and launch your venture. Being your own boss can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

5. Volunteer or Intern

Give back to your community by volunteering your time and skills.  This is a great way to gain valuable experience, learn new things, and make a difference in the world.  Internships can also be a great way to gain practical experience in your field and build your network.

6. Travel the World

Always dreamed of backpacking across Europe or volunteering in Africa?  Now’s your chance to fulfill your travel bug desires!  Traveling is a great way to learn about different cultures, broaden your horizons, and create lasting memories.

7. Spend Time with Family and Friends

College can be a busy time, so you may not have as much time for loved ones as you’d like.  Now that you’ve graduated, take some time to reconnect with family and friends.  Celebrate your accomplishment and enjoy each other’s company.

8. Learn a New Skill

There’s no better time to learn a new skill than when you have some free time.  Whether it’s coding, cooking, or playing a musical instrument, there are endless possibilities.  Learning a new skill can be a fun and rewarding way to challenge yourself and expand your skill set.

9. Relax and Recharge

After all the hard work you’ve put in, you deserve a break!  Take some time to relax and recharge.  Sleep in, read a good book, or spend time doing your favorite hobbies.

10. Look for Inspiration for the Future

Graduation is just the beginning of the next chapter in your life.  Take some time to reflect on your goals and aspirations.  What do you want to achieve in the next few years?  Look for inspiration from successful people in your field or mentors who can guide you on your journey.


“Hi everyone. They call me Emma, and today, I’m here to tell you the story of my college experience. Let me tell you, it wasn’t all sunshine and keg stands. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, all-nighters fueled by ramen noodles, and the constant battle against the urge to just crawl back into bed.

But here I stand, a graduate, a testament to the fact that you too can survive college. Here are some hard-earned truths I picked up along the way:

Truth #1: You Won’t Always Be the Star Student.

College throws you into a pool of brilliant minds. You’ll encounter people who seemingly grasp concepts in seconds, while you’re left staring at the textbook like it’s written in hieroglyphics. Don’t let it discourage you. It’s okay to struggle. Embrace the challenge. Find study groups, ask questions, and remember, even the smartest people have their off days.

Truth #2: Balance is a Myth.

There will be semesters where you feel like you’re constantly juggling flaming chainsaws. Between classes, assignments, exams, and the ever-present call of social life, achieving perfect balance feels impossible. But here’s the secret: prioritize ruthlessly. You can’t do it all at once. Learn to manage your time, prioritize deadlines, and don’t be afraid to say no sometimes.

Truth #3: You Will Doubt Yourself.

There will be moments when you question your major, your abilities, even your sanity. Imposter syndrome is real. You’ll feel like everyone else has it all figured out, while you’re just flailing in the dark. But trust me, that feeling is universal. Reach out to friends, family, or even a counselor. Talking it out can make a world of difference.

Truth #4: College is More Than Just Textbooks.

Yes, you’re there to learn, but college is also about growth. Step outside your comfort zone. Try new things, join clubs, volunteer, make mistakes! These experiences will shape you into a well-rounded individual, preparing you for the world beyond the classroom.

Truth #5: You’re Not Alone.

College can feel isolating, but remember, you’re surrounded by people going through the same experiences. Build your support system. Find friends who understand the struggle, celebrate each other’s victories, and commiserate over the failures. These connections will be your lifeline.

Looking back, college wasn’t easy. It tested my limits, pushed me to my core, and sometimes, I just wanted to scream. But it also made me resilient, resourceful, and opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.

If you’re in the home stretch of your college years, it’s natural to feel the pressure. The late nights, demanding professors, and looming deadlines can make you want to throw in the towel. But here’s the thing: you’ve come this far, and the finish line is closer than you think!

Imagine this: the feeling of accomplishment when you walk across that stage, diploma in hand. The pride in your eyes, the cheers of your loved ones, the validation of all your hard work. That’s what awaits you when you push through these final semesters.

Remember why you started this journey. Was it to land your dream job? To gain new skills and knowledge? To challenge yourself and become the best version of you?  Those goals haven’t disappeared.  This degree is the key that unlocks them.

College isn’t just about textbooks and exams. It’s about growth, discovery, and resilience. You’ve developed critical thinking skills, learned to manage your time, and built friendships that will last a lifetime. Don’t throw away all that you’ve gained by giving up now.

Think of the future you – the one with the degree, the confidence, and the open doors to exciting opportunities.  You’ve got this!  Keep focused, keep pushing, and soon you’ll be celebrating a victory you can be truly proud of.

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