Miss Universe PH 2024 Visit the Sultan Kudarat

The preparation of Miss Universe Philippines is a roller coaster journey, blending dedication, and passion into a transformative experience.

Behind the scenes, a team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that she is ready to command the stage with poise and confidence.

From rigorous training in public speaking and interview skills to mastering the art of runway walks and perfecting her beauty regimen, every aspect of her preparation is carefully crafted to showcase her best self.

As the competition draws near, the excitement mounts, and the final touches are put in place. Each step of the journey, from the local pageant to the international stage, is a testament to her dedication and determination.

One of the Journey of the beauty queens is when they go and explore the Province of Sultan Kudarat.

More than 50 contenders of the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 touched down in Isulan town, Sultan Kudarat province, on Wednesday afternoon to commence their four-day agenda.

Enthusiastic supporters greeted the candidates warmly, accompanied by a traditional dance performance featuring indigenous instruments at the General Santos City International Airport. – Abs-Cbn

Marking a historic milestone for the pageant, Mindanao will host a significant event for the first time, with the national costume competition scheduled to take place in the province on Sunday evening.

During the arrival press conference, Miss Universe PH President Jonas Gaffud made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing that the coronation night would shine the spotlight on the province, marking a historic first for the pageant’s venture into Mindanao.

In an effort to celebrate beauty from every corner of the Philippines, Gaffud and MUPH national director Shamcey Supsup-Lee affirmed their dedication to showcasing lesser-known destinations on an international scale.

“It’s high time we showcase some of our country’s hidden gems that haven’t received much international attention,” Gaffud remarked.

Supsup-Lee chimed in, expressing hope for more activities nationwide, particularly in Mindanao, stating, “This is just the beginning. There are still many places we haven’t showcased. So this marks the start.”

Bringing all candidates to Sultan Kudarat was not only about highlighting the province’s rich culture and tourism but also about dispelling misconceptions and fears surrounding Mindanao.

Kaharudin Dalaten, the Provincial Tourism Officer, highlighted the diverse terrain of Sultan Kudarat, ranging from mountains to seas and plains, extending an invitation not only to Mindanaoans but to all Filipinos to admire its splendor.

He also emphasized the aim of breaking stereotypes and stigmas surrounding Muslim communities and Mindanao as a whole.

This important initiative will undoubtedly illuminate the beauty of Mindanao, as the arrival of the candidates signifies the initial step in a series of efforts to showcase the region’s vibrant culture and natural magnificence.

Miss Universe PH wearing Inaul

“Inaul” – a masterpiece of Filipino craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Originating from the Maguindanao province in the Philippines, Inaul is a traditional handwoven textile renowned for its intricate designs, vibrant colors, and exquisite patterns.

Woven with meticulous skill and passed down through generations, each Inaul fabric tells a story of tradition, identity, and community pride.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Inaul holds deep cultural significance, often worn during special occasions and celebrations as a symbol of prestige and cultural heritage.

One of the highlights of the visits of Miss Universe PH in Sultan Kudarat is the wearing of Inaul in the runway.

The fashion showcase highlighting “inaul,” the traditional cloth intricately woven by Maguindanaon women, aims to spotlight its cultural and historical significance and its profound importance to the local community.

It will shed light on how inaul has transformed lives, made a positive impact on weavers and local businesses, and serves as a reflection of the rich heritage of the Maguindanao provinces and the wider Cotabato Empire.

Over 15 local designers will outfit the candidates in their unique “inaul” creations, while a local makeup artist will ensure the candidates’ looks are impeccably styled.

Dalaten disclosed that admission to all MUPH events, including the Runway Challenge on April 26, the Inaul Fashion Show on April 27, and the National Costume on April 28, will be free of charge. The Sultan Kudarat Gymnasium and Cultural Center, as well as the Provincial Capitol grounds, will serve as venues for these events.

Miss Universe PH 2024 National Costume

The Miss Universe Philippines (MUPH) 2024 concluded its four-day visit to Mindanao in Sultan Kudarat, where 53 candidates proudly paraded their national costumes, all inspired by the theme of flora and fauna.

On the evening of Sunday, April 28, 2024, the candidates presented a stunning display of the rich biodiversity found in their respective regions.

Adorned in vibrant fabrics and materials, each candidate showcased iconic representations of biodiversity, symbolizing the unique characteristics of their regions and sharing the stories behind their intricate ensembles.

Out of the 53 candidates 3 was chosen to win the National Costume and received 100,00 each.

Jet Hammond, representing Miss Universe Southern California, honored the Philippines’ Tubbataha Reef with a stunning national costume inspired by the sea, crafted by designer Ehrran Montoya.

Her attire, embellished with textures, intricate fabric manipulations, crystals, and beadwork representing marine species, captivated with its breathtaking beauty.

Alexie Brooks, representing Miss Universe Iloilo, presented a graceful interpretation of the orb-weaver spider, locally known as ‘Ugto-ugto,’ in her national costume designed by Tata Blas-Pinuela. The posterior section exuded understated elegance, highlighting the wearer’s charm.

Adorned with shimmering accents on her back symbolizing balance and growth, she complemented her attire with an elaborate headpiece featuring prominent eyes.

In contrast, Tamara Ocier, representing Miss Universe Tacloban, made a remarkable impression with her national costume inspired by the ‘Halo’ and showcasing the Tacloban Monitor Lizard, designed by Charlotte Rodriguez.

The lizard, an ancient symbol of fearlessness and transformation, added a captivating element to her ensemble. Her attire evoked the essence of a goddess guiding humanity towards their true calling as creators of sanctuary. – SkyNews

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