Michelle Dee’s Mysterious Exit From Miss Universe Gathering

In a surprising turn of events, Miss Universe 2022 Michelle Dee has found herself at the center of a social media storm after footage surfaced of her abruptly leaving a gathering of Miss Universe 2023 participants. The video, which has gone viral across various platforms, has ignited a heated debate and raised questions about the underlying dynamics within the Miss Universe organization.

Michelle Dee during Miss Universe 2023’s evening gown competition.

The video captures Michelle Dee making an abrupt exit from a room where the Miss Universe contestants were assembled, seemingly in the midst of an interaction with Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip. Dee’s sudden departure has triggered a range of interpretations, with some suggesting she was expressing frustration or discontent with the organizers or the pageant itself.

Others have proposed that Dee’s actions may have stemmed from personal reasons or unforeseen circumstances. However, the absence of any context or explanation from Dee has left many fans and observers perplexed and concerned about the situation.

The controversy has escalated due to Jakrajutatip’s presence in the video. Jakrajutatip, a Thai businesswoman who acquired the Miss Universe Organization in 2022, has been a divisive figure since assuming control of the pageant. While some have commended her for bringing fresh ideas and energy to the organization, others have criticized her handling of certain aspects of the pageant.


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Michelle Dee’s actions have introduced another layer of complexity to the already intricate relationship between Jakrajutatip and the Miss Universe contestants. While the motivations behind Dee’s departure remain unclear, the incident has undoubtedly shaken the Miss Universe community and raised questions about the pageant’s future trajectory.

As the controversy continues to simmer, both Dee and Jakrajutatip have remained silent on the matter. This silence has further fueled speculation and intensified the scrutiny surrounding the incident.

It remains to be seen whether Dee will provide an explanation for her actions or whether Jakrajutatip will address the concerns raised by the video. Nevertheless, the incident has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the Miss Universe pageant and has sparked discussions about transparency, communication, and the treatment of contestants within the organization. –SkyNews.com

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