Noble Notes: King Charles III’s Royal Recognition for Blackpink

King Charles III bestowed honors upon the K-pop sensation Blackpink on Wednesday, commending their efforts to promote awareness about climate change. During South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s three-day state visit to London, the British monarch made Blackpink members Jennie Kim, Jisoo Kim, and Lalisa Manoban honorary Members of the Order of the British Empire. Additionally, bandmate Roseanne (Rosé) Park received an MBE without the “honorary” qualifier due to her dual citizenship in New Zealand.

The honors were presented at Buckingham Palace, acknowledging Blackpink’s contribution to the COP26 summit on climate change held two years ago in Glasgow, Scotland. These accolades are part of Britain’s honors system, recognizing exceptional service to the nation and the global community.

King Charles III & Blackpink

During a state banquet on Tuesday, King Charles III praised the K-pop group for their role in conveying the message of environmental sustainability to a global audience, emphasizing their ability to prioritize vital issues alongside their status as global superstars.

South Korean President Yoon’s visit includes discussions with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, focusing on trade, technology, and defense. The leaders signed the “Downing Street Accord,” signaling increased cooperation in defense and technology, including artificial intelligence. Talks on an upgraded free trade agreement between the UK and South Korea were initiated to replace their current deal.


Both nations agreed to joint naval patrols to combat smuggling and enforce UN sanctions against North Korea in response to its nuclear weapons ambitions. The visit aims to strengthen the deep partnership and friendship between the UK and South Korea, addressing geopolitical risks such as the conflict in Ukraine, the Israel and Hamas conflict, and North Korean nuclear threats.

As of the provided information, South Korean President Yoon has not directly commented on North Korea’s recent activities, including the launch of a spy satellite and a suspected failed missile test during his visit to London. In a speech to the UK’s parliament, President Yoon emphasized collaboration between Britain and South Korea on international challenges, standing united against illegal aggression and provocations. — Skynews PH

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