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Cebu, a province in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines, is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and diverse culinary scene. The province, home to Cebu Island and over 160 smaller islands and islets, is the second most populous city in the country and is known as the “Queen City of the South.” The province’s rich history dates back to Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s arrival in 1521, who claimed the archipelago for Spain. Cebu became the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines and played a key role in spreading Christianity.

The province is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and friendly people. It is also home to historical and cultural attractions like Fort San Pedro and the Taoist Temple. Cebu offers a variety of dining options, from street food stalls to upscale dining establishments, catering to every palate and preference. There is endless selection of places to eat in Cebu. Join us on a culinary adventure through the vibrant neighborhoods and bustling food markets of Cebu.

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specializing in sutukil dishes like Tinola and Kinilaw, as well as dozens of barbecue dishes like Tuna and Pork Belly. The original branch near SM City Cebu was established in 2000 and has grown stronger ever since. They expanded to accommodate the southern part of Cebu by opening a branch in the municipality of Minglanilla.

Parr’t Ebelle distinguishes out from other Filipino seafood restaurants in Ceub because of its straightforward menu and affordable prices. At midday, the venue is crowded with several Cebuanos who are in the mood for their preferred seafood dishes. The Filipino seafood restaurant is so famous it garnered the attention of multi-awarded international food vlogger Mark Wiens, who featured it on his Youtube Channel.

Fish is served as their main entrée, roasted on a charcoal furnace in slabs and slices covered with their special sauce. The fish dishes that are most well-known there include marlin, tuna, and catfish. In addition, they provide grilled squid that has been stuffed with garnish to enhance its flavor and sliced into smaller pieces for simpler eating. The restaurant offers grilled pork in addition to Filipino seafood, with its liempo (grilled pig belly) having a delicious flavor and little fat content.


Lechon, or roasted entire pig, is a delicacy that visitors visiting Cebu must try. The traditional Filipino meal is lechon. Undoubtedly, there are many different varieties of lechon throughout the nation. If you ask the locals where to find a delicious lechon, they will likely recommend House of Lechon, which boasts that their recipe comes from the southern town of Carcar, whose lechon can make you forget about your bitterness toward your ex-lover.

The roasted pig is served here with its natural oiliness, and customers must also try the Hot and Spicy Lechon, which will definitely tempt them to order another cup of rice. In addition to lechon, House of Lechon offers a variety of Filipino dishes that could appeal to you. There is something for everyone, including baked scallops, kinilaw, sisig, and grilled tuna. 


In Barangay Busay, Cebu City, there’s a Filipino restaurant called Top of Cebu that serves food outside while providing a breathtaking view of the city skyline. The eatery serves famous meals including sizzling gambas, breaded fish fillet with mango sauce, and Sinigang sa Miso—local fusion cuisine with a twist. Stir-fried noodles, pork, shellfish, and veggies are combined in the Pancit de Cebu cuisine. Crispy fried noodles, eggs, and local chicharron are served as garnish. The dessert sampler is the ideal way to cap off a filling Filipino dinner because it includes regional rice cakes and sweets.


Delicious cuisine and breathtaking views. The primary cause of the thronging crowds at Cordova, Cebu’s Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant is this.

The meaning of the Bisaya word lantaw is “look out.” There is a floating restaurant in Day-as, Cordova, where you can spend a romantic supper with your family while listening to the soothing sound of the sea around the restaurant and watching the sun set.

Their best-selling dishes, such crispy pata, tuna panga, crispy kare-kare, and buttered shrimp, draw in repeat business from regular patrons. Naturally, all of their fresh seafood dishes are equally delicious, but their baked scallops, which are very tender and cheesy, are a must-try.


In Cebu City, Rico’s Lechon is a well-known lechon restaurant. This restaurant has been providing delicious lechon for years, and it has several locations across the city. Since it first started for business in 1997, Rico’s Lechon has been well-known across the Philippines. Notable for its fiery lechon and inspiring success story, it is well-known. They have now expanded to 14 stores total, including 9 branches in Metro Manila.

The lechon here is known for its crispy skin and tender meat, perfectly complemented by a choice of spicy or original sauce. Aside from lechon, Rico’s also offers other Filipino dishes such as sisig, dinuguan, and pancit.


Entoy’s Bakasihan is a popular open-air restaurant in Kampai Beach, Cordova, Philippines, known for its bakasi, a native dish made from saltwater eels sautéed in green mangoes, soy sauce, fermented beans, and tamarind. The dish, popular since Netflix’s Street Food Asia series, is prepared in a hearty stew with bilimbi fruit and is best paired with mais or corn grits. The restaurant also offers a variety of seafood dishes, including boiled spider conch and flying fish ceviche. The restaurant is located about 10km from Cebu Airport and is known for its abundance of bakasi, a marine species.


Tisa is currently recognized as the local center for food crawling in addition to being the “Siomai Capital of Cebu.” I won’t condemn you if you decide not to have siomai today; Labangon also has a flavorful soup that’s called “Larang” in the area. In the city, larang is a very well-liked soup dish. This stew is composed with tomatoes and fish. The location to go if you want to sample Larang is Kuya Simo’s. Go check out their store at Katipunan St. and A. Lopez. and sample some of the greatest Larang available.


Circa 1900 Casa Uno is a top restaurant in Cebu City that serves international cuisine with a local flair. Located in a peaceful neighborhood, the property features charming colonial period houses and an imposing frontage. The restaurant is known for its attentive waitstaff and the upscale menu, which is regularly updated with seasonal changes. Popular dishes include truffled squid and prawn risotto, roast crunchy pork belly ribs, and pistachio encrusted salmon.

Located in Sanjercas Ville Ext. Rd, Cebu City, this antique restaurant is a cultural gem. The expertise of the chef, who uses local ingredients in international cuisines, sets it apart. The food taste and preparation are impeccable, making it perfect for dates and intimate conversations. The restaurant is located in a rehabilitated ancestral colonial home, making it a cultural gem in the busy city.


Situated at Cebu City’s IT Park. The location was breathtaking. They have the best interior designs. Their nighttime brilliance is precisely matched by their lights. They also performed well in terms of table layouts. The seating is really comfy, and everything is very well-organized. Additionally, they have a beautiful view of the nearby neighborhood from a second story location. Additionally, when you dine in, they play incredible music.

More significantly, their personnel is really kind, accommodating, and compassionate, and they are all eager to assist you. One of the best places in IT Park to hang out and eat with friends. We also adore its rooftop patio eating.


A recently established food park in Cebu can be found across the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug at the IT Park on Salinas Drive. Sugbo Mercado is relatively familiar with the location since it offers outdoor eating as well as a variety of food vendors. Sugbo Sentro serves a range of snacks and meals with influences from the Philippines, Korea, Mexico, and the United States. There are also refreshments like juice, coffee, and even alcohol offered. We have 35 renters in the region, so there are many to pick from. This is the new spot to go for anything related to food and beverages.


The Barracks, a new food park named after the Carbon Public Market in Cebu, offers inexpensive street food items from small-scale entrepreneurs. In addition to a wide range of food options, including anything from hearty dinners to sugar-coated sweets, the park sells trinkets and home goods from little novelty shops. Since its opening on May 1, 2023, the park has drawn crowds of visitors. The Barracks has a ton of food stands offering street food, BBQ, and beverages. There are also stores selling bags and baskets that are woven. Although the park is busier at night, it opens at 10 AM. Along with barbecue and street cuisine, the new Cebu Hawker center serves a variety of beverages

As we come to an end of our gourmet tour of Cebu, we hope you are motivated to explore this dynamic city on your own. Cebu has a rich culinary legacy and a broad range of eating alternatives, so there is something to suit every taste and appetite.

Cebu guarantees a feast for the senses that will leave you wanting more, whether you’re indulging in street cuisine treats at lively markets, enjoying succulent seafood by the coastlines, or eating in classy restaurants that combine history with innovation.

So, as you bid farewell to Cebu, remember to keep these culinary gems in mind for your next visit. Until then, may your taste buds be forever tantalized by the flavors of Cebu, and may your culinary adventures continue to enrich your travels.

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