Actress Angelica Panganiban Shares Her Struggle with Avascular Necrosis

At first, Angelica Panganiban’s doctors suggested undergoing joint replacement surgery, but she preferred to explore less invasive options.


Angelica Panganiban, a well-known actress, has courageously shared her struggles with avascular necrosis, a severe bone disorder that has been causing her considerable discomfort.

In a video blog she posted on November 18th, Panganiban publicly disclosed her health diagnosis and the various treatments she’s undergoing to address the condition, which is medically referred to as “bone death.”

Bone tissue can disintegrate when blood flow is restricted or blocked, leading to a condition known as avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis, according to the Mayo Clinic. As a result, minor fractures may develop in the bone, eventually causing it to weaken and collapse.

Panganiban remembered first feeling discomfort in her hip region around half a year into her pregnancy with her child, Amila Sabine. She initially thought the pain was a normal part of being pregnant.

Despite delivering her baby and gradually resuming her physical routine, Angelica Panganiban continued to experience persistent pain. At first, she brushed it off as a normal side effect of exercise, but as time passed, she came to realize that her energetic lifestyle was actually exacerbating her condition. It wasn’t until she sought a proper medical evaluation that she discovered the true nature of her discomfort.

In the company of famous companions, Panganiban experienced a worsening of her hip discomfort during a March excursion to Palawan, which severely limited her mobility.

Upon arriving home, Panganiban prioritized her health and sought prompt medical attention. As she was nursing her child, her healthcare providers suggested therapy as a substitute for medication, considering her breastfeeding status.

During the early stages of her treatment, Panganiban showed promising progress for approximately two months. However, she subsequently encountered frequent and prolonged periods of discomfort.

Panganiban says she is determined to overcome the challenges she faces and stays positive about her recovery. She is dedicated to managing her condition in an efficient manner and spreading awareness about avascular necrosis, in the hope that her story will encourage others to seek medical help promptly if they encounter similar symptoms.

The actress underwent an MRI scan, which confirmed that she had avascular necrosis.

At first, Angelica Panganiban’s doctors suggested undergoing joint replacement surgery, but she preferred to explore a less invasive option and chose to try PRP therapy instead.

The actress expressed concerns about the strenuous physical toll of the treatment, prompting her to reevaluate the entire experience. She found it particularly perplexing since steroids, which are known to exacerbate her condition, were never a part of her lifestyle.

“I felt a sense of self-pity wash over me, wondering why this had to happen to me. What was the reason behind it? None, it just seemed to be a case of bad luck.”

I felt a sense of self-compassion wash over me, as I questioned the unfairness of my circumstances. “Why must this happen to me?” I thought to myself, searching for a reason or explanation for my misfortune. But alas, sometimes life deals us a bad hand, and we must learn to cope with the cards we’ve been dealt.

Panganiban remains optimistic despite the challenges she’s faced, now that a diagnosis has been made and treatment is underway. She looks forward to a smooth and swift recovery, with the goal of resuming her work in 2024. –



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